Management & Program Analysis (MAPA)

Is your organization ready for a makeover?  As analysts and advisors to management, we evaluate the effectiveness of government programs and operations for productivity and efficiency, and make actionable recommendations.

To improve your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness, our talent first becomes informed of the substantive nature of your programs, activities, mission(s), policies, objectives, and management processes/principles.  We then formulate procedures by which to weigh your program’s execution (or development).

We understand budgetary and financial management principles as they relate to long-range planning of programs and objectives, and are adept at fact-finding, investigative procedures, oral/written communication, and presenting our findings.

Our fresh perspective will challenge your organization’s norms to streamline its processes.

Process Analysis

Meet your on-target Business Process Analysts.  Our professionals specialize in bringing and managing change to your organization through analyzing, designing, and implementing healthy business processes.  

We are practiced at identifying the current state of processes, eliciting their useful (or harmful) attributes, documenting models of the processes, and gaining stakeholder buy-in of new business process designs.  

Our skill at exposing impacts to your business strategies, data, people, physical assets, policies, rules, and systems will prove invaluable to your organization.  We use advanced techniques to implement business process changes to solve your problems and reveal opportunities for you to exploit.  

Our analysts are enthusiastic about assessing the impact of business process changes within your people, systems, operations, and management, and advocating new business capabilities to improve your performance.  Our use of business process modeling, analysis, design tools, and business process management automation technologies will benefit your mission in measurable ways.

Program Management

Program management is the process of supervising several related projects with the intention of improving an organization's performance.  The Program Manager (PM) is the solution to closing the gap between strategy design and strategy execution.  That's why the PMs we choose are senior business managers with change management experience.  

When we recruit, train, and/or groom PMs, we look for first-rate communicators who manage fairly and objectively.  They must understand risk and how to manage it, and have acquired plenty of project management expertise along the way.  They are an essential element of program success, which is why we are particularly selective when hiring them.  

Our PMs are standing by, ready to be the cure for your management headaches.

Project Management

Our Project Managers do more than just streamline schedules, delegate tasks, and balance budgets.  They are negotiators and evaluators who daily exhibit agility and strategy in managing their projects.  They are morale builders who know how to keep projects moving.  They are aligned with your strategic objectives and committed to leading their team to a successful outcome. They are genuinely committed to nurturing team skills and executing your strategic concept.

Breathe easy knowing that you trusted your project to our managers, they're the best in the business.

Requirements Analysis

J.R. Mannes Requirements Analysts are experts at analyzing, documenting, validating, and managing the needs of stakeholders.  Our process includes meticulously documenting requirements and making certain that they are actionable, measurable, testable, traceable, related to your needs, and defined to a level of detail sufficient for design.

We will use a combination of several techniques to elicit requirements from your organization to include developing scenarios, identifying use cases, observing the workplace (ethnography), interviewing people, holding focus groups, and creating requirements lists. We may also use a prototype system as a demonstration to stakeholders.

Our ruler?  The SMART model: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely requirements.

Technical Writing

Active voice, brevity, commitment to a writing process, planning, simplicity, and word choice are fundamentals that we employ in our technical writing.  We committedly use these tenets in an iterative process of writing, revising, and planning/rethinking.  

Our writers possess the ability to create documentation that begs questions that the user may not have even considered, creating trailblazing user experiences of documentation.  

We are skilled in content writing, interviewing and listening, designing, and testing our writing for usability.  We will get to know your subject matter as well as we know our computer systems and writing software.  Our objective:  to communicate simple, straightforward, and digestible content to the end users.  

Government organizations’ written words are scrutinized by all whom they touch.  Let us be your penned protectors.


Leadership Training

Our experiential learning approach shapes professional growth, unlocking government employees’ limitless potential to do their mission better than ever.  We teach key competencies and skills that are proven to speed up a leader's readiness and success.  Our instruction incorporates hands-on simulations and role-playing scenarios to develop your managers into results-oriented leaders.  We teach essential behaviors, emotional intelligence, accountability, and processes designed to help leaders get results from their subordinates.

We will provide your organization with innovative, proven, high-engagement learning opportunities for professionals to enhance their leadership capabilities.  We start by assessing each pupil's strengths and weaknesses in relation to your organization's mission and goals.  This information becomes especially useful when we engage in one-on-one breakaway sessions tailored to the student.  Our classroom instruction is interactive and stimulating.

Your organization will benefit immeasurably from our proven leadership training.

Tradecraft Training

Tradecraft training is largely about teaching techniques.  We teach them by first demonstrating the desired outcome and then diving into the mechanics behind them.

First, we stoke the imagination and create an inspiration to learn.  Next, we teach pupils the skills they need to do it themselves.  

Rote recital is a shallow way of learning and is easily forgotten.  Learning aimed at a practical purpose stays with a person for a lifetime.